Successful visit to QUILL

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Our PhD student Justyna Więcławik completed an internship at QUILL (Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratories) in Belfast. She was investigating physiochemical properties of novel metal-containing ionic liquids in collaboration with prof. Małgorzata Swadzba-Kwasny group. The research was conducted under the OPUS-20 project topic dedicated to tunable liquid metal complexes (UMO 2020/37/B/ST8/00693). While the internship has been possible by the Synergy Project founded by National Agency for Academic Exchange. QUILL is one of the most established centres dedicated to investigating ionic liquids, and their applications focusing on the development of related technologies. We are delighted that international cooperation once again enables us to breadth knowledge and improve our skills in the field of materials characterization.
Thank you for a marvellous experience and atmosphere, we are looking forward to further superb cooperation! 

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