Articles in journals

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  3. A. Wolny, A. Chrobok, Nanomaterials 2021, 11, 2030. IF = 5.346
    Ionic Liquids for Development of Heterogeneous Catalysts Based on Nanomaterials for Biocatalysis
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    Bioderived Ionic Liquids and Salts with Varius Cyano Anions as Precursors for Doped Carbon Materials
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  7. E. Monasterska, E. Pankalla, A. Siewniak, A. Chrobok, Molecules 2021, 26(19). IF=4.412                                                              Development of methods for the synthesis of  neopentylglycol by hydrogenation of hydroxypivaldehyde
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  9. A. Szelwicka, A. Wolny, S. Jurczyk, M. Grymel, S. Boncel, A. Chrobok, Materials 2021, 14, 3443. IF= 3.623
    Chemi-Enzymatic Baeyer-Villger Oxidation Facilitated with Lipases Immobilized in Supported Ionic Liquid Phase
  10. A. Szelwicka, K. Erfurt, S. Jurczyk, S. Boncel, A. Chrobok, Materials 2021, 14, 3090. IF= 3.623
    Autperformance in Acrylation: Supported  D-glucose-based ionic liquid phase on MWCNTs for Immobilized Lipase B from Candida Antarctica as catalytic system
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    N-doped carbon as a solid base catalyst for continuous flow Knoevenagel condensation
  14. A. Szelwicka, A. Siewniak, A. Kolanowska, S. Boncel, A. Chrobok, Materials 14, 6, 1518. IF=3.623
    PTFE-Carbon Nanotubes and Lipase B from Candida antarctica-Long-Lasting Marriage for Ultra-Fast and Fully Selective Synthesis of Levulinate Esters
  15. R. Bernat, P. Maksym, M. Tarnacka, A. Szelwicka, R. Bielas, M. Wojtyniak, K. Balin, B. Hachuła, A. Chrobok, M. Paluch, K. Kamiński, Polym. Chem. 2021, 12, 1105-1113. IF=5.582
    Hard confinement systems as effective nanoreactors for in situ photo-RAFT: towards control over molecular weight distribution and morphology
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    Towards advances in molecular understanding of boric acid biocatalyzed ring-opening (co)polymerization of valerolactone in the presence of ethylene glycol as an initiator
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    Biodegradable Surface Active D-Glucose based Quaternary Ammonium Ionic Liquids in the Solventless Synthesis of Chloroprene
  2. B. Gaida, A. Brzeczek-Szafran, Molecules 2020, 25, 3285, IF=3,267 Insights into the properties and potential applications of renewable carbohydrate-based ionic liquids: a review
  3. N. Barteczko, M. Grymel, A. Chrobok, 
    Przemysł Chemiczny 2020, 99/6, 927, IF=0,428
    Ionic liquids in olefin metathesis. Challenges and barriers
    (Ciecze jonowe w metatezie olefin. Wyzwania i bariery)
  4. P. Latos, A. Siewniak, M. Sitko, A. Chrobok, RSC ADv., 2020 10, 21382, IF= 3.049
    The Baeyer–Villiger rearrangement with metal triflates: new developments toward mechanism
  5. J. Więcławik, A. Chrobok,
    Przemysł Chemiczny 2020, 99/5, 795, IF=0,428
    Perspective electrolytes for Li-ion batteries
    (Perspektywiczne elektrolity do baterii litowo-jonowych)
  6. A. Brzeczek-Szafran, P. Wiecek, M. Guzik, A. Chrobok,
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    Combining amino acids and carbohydrates into readily biodegradable, task specific ionic liquids
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    Inexpensive and tuneable protic ionic liquids based on sulfuric acid for the biphasic synthesis of alkyl levulinates
  8. K. Krukiewicz, D. Kobus, R. Turczyn, K. Erfurt, A. Chrobok, M. J. P. Biggs, 
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    Low resistance, highly corrugated structures based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) doped with a D-glucopyranoside-derived ionic liquid

  9. U. Dorosz, N. Barteczko, P. Latos, K. Erfurt, E. Pankalla, A. Chrobok, 
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    Highly efficient biphasic system for the synthesis of alkyl lactates in the presence of acidic ionic liquids
  10. A. Szelwicka,   A. Kolanowska,   P. Latos,   S. Jurczyk,   S. Boncel, A. Chrobok, Catalysis Science and Technology , doi:10.1039/D0CY00545B, IF=5,726 Carbon nanotube/PTFE as a hybrid platform for lipase-assisted transformation of α-angelica lactone to alkyl levulinates

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    Highly efficient extraction procedures based on natural deep eutectic solvents or ionic liquids for determination of 20-hydroxyecdycone in spinach
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    Low resistance, highly corugated structures based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) doped with a d-glucopyranoside -derived ionic liquid
  1. K. Matuszek, E. Pankalla, A. Grymel, P. Latos, A. Chrobok
    Studies on the solubility of terephthalic acid in ionic liquids
    Molecules (2019), 25(1), 80,  IF= 3,06
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    Nanobiocatalyst from lipase non-​covalently immobilized on multiwalled carbon nanotubes for copolymerization of ε-​caprolactone and trimethylene carbonate
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    Continuous Flow Chemo-Enzymatic Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation with Superactive and Extra-Stable Enzyme/Carbon Nanotube Catalyst: An Efficient Upgrade from Batch to Flow
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    Luminescent NˆCˆN cyclometalated iridium(III) acetylide complexes with fluorene and carbazole motifs

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    Highly Efficient Synthesis of Alkyl Levulinates from α-Angelica Lactone, Catalyzed with Lewis Acidic Trifloaluminate Ionic Liquids Supported on Carbon Nanotubes
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    Exceptionally active and reusable nanobiocatalyst comprising lipase non-covalently immobilized on multi-wall carbon nanotubes for the synthesis of diester plasticizers
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    Protic Ionic Liquids Based on Oligomeric Anions [(HSO4)(H2SO4)x]- (x=0, 1, or 2) for a Clean ε-Caprolactam Synthesis
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    Efficient metal-free strategies for polymerization of a sterically hindered ionic monomer through the application of hard confinement and high pressure
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    Water-Tolerant Trifloaluminate Ionic Liquids: New and Unique Lewis Acidic Catalysts for the Synthesis of Chromane
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    Superactive tin(II) triflate/carbon nanotube catalyst for the Baeyer-Villiger oxidation
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    Experimental and computational exploration of photophysical and electroluminescent properties of modified 2,2′:6′,2′′-terpyridine, 2,6-di(thiazol-2-yl)pyridine and 2,6-di(pyrazin-2-yl)pyridine ligands and their Re(I) complexes. Effect of donor–acceptor ligand.
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    High Catalytic Activity of Vanadium Complexes in Alkane Oxidations with Hydrogen Peroxide: An Effect of 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivatives as Noninnocent Ligands
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    High pressure RAFT of sterically hindered ionic monomers. Studying relationship between rigidity of the polymer backbone and conductivity
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    Methods for increasing activity and stability of enzymes in processes carried out in presence of ionic liquids.
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    Synthesis and photophysical properties of new perylene bisimide derivatives for application as emitting materials in OLEDs
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    Aesthetically Pleasing, Visible Light Transmissive, Luminescent Solar Concentrators Using a BODIPY Derivative
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    Mono and di-substituted BODIPY with electron donating carbazole, thiophene, and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene units
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    Liquid coordination complexes of Lewis acidic metal chlorides: Lewis acidity and insights into speciation
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    Facile route to well-defined imidazolium-based poly(ionic liquid)s of enhanced conductivity via RAFT
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