Special Issue Editorial

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We are pleased to inform you that we are serving as Guest Editors of the Special Issue entitled “Heterogeneous/Homogeneous Catalysis in Organic Synthesis – Recent Advances “, to be published in our open access journal Catalysts (ISSN 2073-4344, IF 4.146). 

This Special Issue focuses, though not exclusively, on: 

  • Application of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis in organic synthesis 
  • Synthesis and characterization of new catalysts 
  • Designing of immobilized catalyst on solid carriers such as polymers, carbon nanomaterials, silica, hybrid supports and others 
  • Designing of new methods of catalytic synthesis of organic compounds meeting the requirements of sustainable development and principles of green chemistry. 

As Guest Editors of this Special Issue, we would like to invite reserchers to submit a research article and/or review paper. Contact: agnieszka.siewniak@polsl.pl

For detailed information, please follow the link below to the Special Issue website at: 


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