Research on phase change materials at Monash University

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Our PhD student Bartlomiej Gaida had an opportunity to visit Monash University located in Melbourne, which is one of the top 8 universities in Australia. Bartek was working under the supervision of prof. Douglas MacFarlane and dr Karolina Matuszek. During 10 weeks-stay he was studying physical properties of carbohydrate-based materials previously synthesized at SUT. Bartek improved his skills in using differential scanning calorimetry and learned principles of single crystal X-ray diffraction technique used to characterize 3D structures of crystalline substances. Moreover, during the internship he presented his most recent results at 10th Australian Symposium on Ionic Liquids conference. The internship has been possible by the Synergy Project founded by National Agency for Academic Exchange. Working with a fantastic prof. MacFarlane’s group and a possibility to see the most iconic Australian endemic species like koalas and kangaroos in their natural environment was a great experience!

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