Project Based Learning between SUT and Monash University

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Since June we take part in the Project Based Learning activity lead by Alina Brzęczek-Szafran and Anna Chrobok in cooperation with Manash University represented by our alumni, Karolina Matuszek.  

In the project take part 4 students from SUT Chemistry Faculty (Dagmara Więcławik, Katarzyna Sisofo, Karolina Perzanowska and Natalia Siodłak), PhD student Bartłomiej Gaida and Honors student form Monash University – Jan Kondratowicz. As part of the project, students learn about the issues related to phase change materials, their characteristics and undertake research on the development of new innovative PCM materials based on sustainable chemicals. It’s a great pleasure to meet such an enthusiastic team every second week!  We hope that we will be able to present the first results from this international cooperation soon!

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