Our group at ILMAT VI

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Most of us attended  the 6th International Conference on Ionic Liquid-Based Materials held in France (Alsace). It was a great experience to meet the Ionic Liquid community finally in person after a long break caused by the pandemic situation.

Professor Chrobok delivered a talk on recent advances of our group in the development of sustainable (bio-derived) ionic liquids, Alina delivered a talk on inexpensive protic ionic liquids and their perspective application in biodiesel synthesis, while Bartek presented results of our collaboration with dr Matuszek and prof. Macfarlane’s group on the development of sustainable phase change materials.

Natalia, Justyna, Ania and Magda all presented posters.

5-days spent in Alsace were very intense, full of inspiring talks and rich in networking. We are looking forward the next ILMAT edition, which is going to be held in Portugal!

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