New Review articles in Molecules and International Journal of Molecular Sciences!

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Our PhD students Anna Wolny and Magdalena Gwóźdź released two review papers. First article titled Silica-Based Supported Ionic Liquid-like Phases as Heterogeneous Catalysts presented applications of chemically immobilized acidic ionic liquids into silicaous materials in organic catalysis. This kind of approach offers high stable, easy recyclable and versatile heterogeneous catalysts meeting the green chemistry idea. Literature research was supported by National Science Center (grant no. UMO 2020/37/B/ST8/00693) and Silesian University of Technology (Poland, grant no. 04/050/BKM22/0151).

In the second review article: Carbon-Based Electrocatalyst Design with Phytic Acid — A Versatile Biomass-Derived Modifier of Functional Materials, synthetic strategies for the production of functional carbon materials using phytic acid discusses synthetic strategies for preparing functional carbon materials using phytic acid and explores the influence of this precursor on the resulting materials physicochemical characteristics. We also describe the electrocatalytic effects of biomass/ functionalized materials towards ORR to investigate their potential applications in energy conversion and storage.